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Travel Secret #1049: Freestone, A Hidden Gem in California

California-based editor and travel writer Kristen Cashman gets a bit restless when she doesn’t have at least one airplane ticket in her possession. A native of Boston, USA, at age 16 she moved with her mother to Milan, Italy. There she discovered the heightened aliveness that came with being in a foreign culture, and she’s ...

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Travel Secret #1048: From Masterchef Manjit Singh Gill

“Whenever I travel to a major city, I never spend the night there. I find a suburb or a small village nearby and stay there to understand the culture and food in a better way by connecting with the locals. If I am visiting Frankfurt in Germany, for example, I’ll stay put in Mainz or Wiesbaden instead, which are beautiful towns just ...

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Travel Secret #1047: Why Masterchef Bill Marchetti loves Palampur, Himachal Pradesh

“If you are coming to Delhi and not heading up to the mountains, you are wasting your time. My favourite place in whole of India is Palampur in Himachal Pradesh, is a bustling little market town surrounded by tea plantations and rice fields about 35 km southeast of Dharamsala. Nestled amidst lush green pine forest, Palampur is one of the most scenic hill station ...

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Travel Secret #1045: Booking Railway Tickets in India

 “If you’re travelling to India, I’d recommend you to visit the International Tourist Bureau to book your train tickets. Navigating the process online is just nearly impossible. I spent so many hours looking for tickets, trying to get on the wait-list but was unable to buy them. Then I finally ...

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Travel Secret #1043: Bull in a Chikan Shop, Lucknow

“Twenty-five years ago, a bull walked into the Lucknow Chikan Shop, a cloth store tucked away in the dusty folds of Varanasi. It stayed on for half a day. Paramanand Chhugani, the shop owner, rubbed his eyes and scratched his head. The next day, the bull returned and stayed put till the lights went out at 9 pm. Chhugani’s surprise took on ...

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Travel Secret #1042: Adventure Expert Aloke Bajpai Picks India’s Best Camping Spots

East, West, North and South…where in India can you enjoy camping to the max? We took the question to Aloke Bajpai, Founder and Partner of The Explorers. A certified mountaineer and skier, Bajpai has also trained in river rafting.   His advice: Being a city dweller with not enough time for extended ...

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Travel Secret #1041: Hitchhiking Across Carretera Austral in Chile

“I hitchhiked across the Carretera Austral in Chile, South America. It’s one beautiful stretch of unpaved road lined with volcanoes and rain-forests. You’ll find very few villagers but the ones you meet are very interesting and the local food was awesome.” – Jean Christoph Seipel, Student, Germany -Travel Secret #184:

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Travel Secret #1040: Nina’s Place in Vienna, Austria

She is lovely, friendly and runs a fabulous guest house in the heart of Vienna, Austria. Meet Nina Wildzeisz-Rezner: I found Nina on a Vienna blog, while researching places to stay. The writer had stayed with her and written a glowing recommendation of the lady and her place. Enchanted, I wrote a note to Nina, asking ...

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