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Travel Secret #1055: The Only Danish Settlement in India

“Tranquebar is a wonderful cultural concoction that has been brewing over hundreds of years – a beautiful mix of languages, cultures, races and religions. Two centuries of Danish heritage can be seen in colonial houses, churches, cemeteries, and most particularly, the Dansborg military fort. In 1620 the Danish East India Company arrived, and announced their supremacy with the construction of the Dansborg Fort. Entry to this town is through an impressive two hundred year old Town Gate built with a Danish allure. Danish style houses are scattered around Kongensgade (or the King Street), the main street of Tranquebar. Homes with thick stucco walls, massive pillars supporting classical pediments, verandahs on second storey, carriage porches etc. remind us of the times when this busy trading centre was an outpost of Danish culture.”

– Sukhesh Arora

-Travel Secret #197

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