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Travel Writing Secret: The Art of the Simile

A simile paints a word picture by likening one object to another. In travel writing, a simile is a great tool for making a description more emphatic or vivid. “The Mediterranean lay before me like a sheet of glass…”  

Thinking up great similes is fun. Some have a natural flair for it, and some (like me) struggle a bit. Here’s a clever way to coax those comparisons into your mind.

Say you wanted to come up with a poetic way to describe the sun.


Step 1: Jot down as many round objects as you can.

Button, grape, berry, pinhead, ring, pea, coin…

Step 2: Now try and compare them to the size, shape and sheen of the sun.


The sun shone like a button in the distance.

The sun was a pinhead on the canvas of the sky.

The sun glinted like a gold coin.

The sun shimmered like the wedding ring on Roma’s finger.

The sun spilled red juice like a bruised berry!

Now try this: The room was as hot as a ….


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  1. 12’o clock sun. Or ripened chilli or boiled cup of tea.

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