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Ireland for Literature Lovers

The home of towering figures in world of literature, the island of Ireland is a place of pilgrimage for lovers of language. With four Nobel laureates (Shaw, Yeats, Beckett and Heaney) and many other world-renowned literary figures including Joyce, Wilde, Swift, Kavanagh, O’Casey, Enright, O’Brien and O’Connor, Ireland boasts one…

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Swapna Liddle’s Delhi Secrets

Well-known historian and author Swapna Liddle picks some of Delhi’s heritage gems: Thousands visit the world heritage site of Qutub Minar in Delhi, but not many know of the historically rich area of the Mehrauli Archaeological Park in its immediate neighbourhood. The Mehrauli area (where Qutub Minar is located) has been continuously inhabited…

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World’s First Automobile

The birth of the automobile is often dated back to January 29th, 1886 when German automobile engineer Carl Benz filed patent no. DRP-37435 for an ‘automobile fueled by gas.’ Propelled by an internal combustion engine, the Benz Patent-Motorwagen (or motorcar) was the first automobile designed to generate its own power….

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