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Why You Should Read Ruth Reichl’s Food Writings

Ruth Reichl writes poems about food. In prose. Ruth Reichl is the author of Delicious! a novel published by Random House in May 2014. She was Editor in Chief of Gourmet Magazine from 1999 to 2009.  Before that she was the restaurant critic of  both The New York Times(1993-1999) and the Los Angeles Times (1984-1993), where she ...

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Travel Secret #1035: How to Eat Light in Italy

Bread sticks or bruschetta? Alfredo or marinara? Affogato or gelato? Dining out at an Italian eatery can pose some delicious dilemmas. Smart ways to get all the flavour without the fat:   Don’t stuff yourself on the bread or breadsticks. Munch on bruschetta instead—the fresh tomatoes on it are loaded with vitamins and minerals, the extra virgin ...

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Travel Secret #1010: What They Eat in the Balkan Mountains

  Meet Anna: Our Serbia Correspondent is a Moscow girl. Anna settled down in Serbia a few years ago following her love for the Balkans. She works as a translator and a language teacher and enjoys exploring her beloved city of Belgrade, the region and beyond. She also takes great pleasure in writing and translating ...

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Travel Secret #1008: Avoid Soft Drinks On a Long Flight

The bubbles in carbonated drinks expand at high altitude, resulting in bloating and discomfort for long-haul passengers. Also, colas and sodas are diuretics, which means they increase the production of urine, making you feel dehydrated. Enjoy some fresh fruit juice and plenty of water instead.

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