Born and brought up in the City of Joy, Anya and Sainaz have filled their Instagram gallery with beautifully curated food secrets from Kolkata.

How did your love affair with food begin?

We always loved exploring different nooks and corners of the city in search of good food. One fine day, we thought, “Why not share our experience with other people?” And whatkolkataeats was born.

Your best food experience so far

We loved Momo 1 Am, Sector 5, Salt Lake. They’ve taken the simple dumpling to a whole new level. Every item on their menu has a global touch to it, while maintaining its authentic taste. The decor is outstanding, too. Their prawn har gow, fish bao, basil coriander fried rice, sriracha prawn and the cheesecake are the best.

A Kolkata street food secret

Everyone associates Kolkata with puchka and jhal muri, but we think it is a paradise for Kathi Rolls, too. You can find them in every other lane. Basically, these are skewer roasted kebabs wrapped inside a soft flat bread generally known as paranthas, accompanied by various sauces, onions, chillies etc.

Your pick of Kolkata’s best restaurants

We would recommend the India Restaurant for their Mughlai cuisine. Among cafes, the beautiful Roastery Coffee House, Potboiler Coffee House, Marbella’s. Pings Cafe Orient for their Asian Cuisine, with a special mention to their Philadelphia cream cheese dumplings.

Our favourite pizza in all of Kolkata: the thin crust at Cafe Mezzuna.

Try Echoes for an modern Indo-western touch to dishes like butter chicken pasta, chicken tikka pizza etc.

A food photography tip

I believe you don’t need high-end gadgets unless you are a professional food photographer. A good smartphone does the work just as well nowadays. I generally capture all my food pictures from my phone. I compose my frames under natural light, and the results are quite appetising!