What can be more exotic and enchanting than Sri Lanka? Well, a night inside a tree house in Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka, The wonder of Asia: Ella Gap
The Ella Gap in the South Coast of Sri Lanka

Not only is it an eco-friendly way to enjoy your vacation, but also puts you at a vantage point from where to watch wildlife in its own habitat. And if you are travelling with kids, imagine their joy as they snuggle up with you in their woodsy room, simian style!

Sri Lanka is peppered with tree houses, leaving you spoilt for choice. Allow us to help you along, with our list of top seven:


  1. Tree house in Habarana

Located in the Anuradhapura District, Habarana is a small city in central Sri Lanka. The tree houses in Habarana are located close to a national park, which makes it perfect for wildlife and nature enthusiasts. Be prepared to be woken up by the sweet sounds of birds or by monkeys running on your roof. Don’t come expecting luxury services, this house was made for you to experience the life of a local. It doesn’t hurt that the host is very welcoming and warm, and will be happy to take you around the city to show the highlights. 

Harbana Eco Tree House

2. Tree house Sigiri Queens Rest

This tree house is situated very close to the ancient rock fortress Sigiriya in central Sri Lanka. There are three houses to choose from, each one has a terrace that offers you magnificent panoramic views of the Sigiriya rock. You will be sleeping above a canopy of banana and palm trees. If you ever wanted to experience what it is like to live in the jungle, this is the perfect place for you. Even though you may not want to get out of your tree house, plan a trip to the nearby lakes and the Pindurangala and Sigiriya rocks to make the most of your stay. 

Sigiri Queens Rest Tree House

3. Tree House in Ginigathhena

You will not find a tree house like the ones in Ginigathhena anywhere else in Sri Lanka. These cottages are actually built on pine trees, you are staying nearly 30ft above ground. The only way to reach them is to climb wooden bridges. The added benefit of choosing this place is that you get a private balcony and ensuite bathrooms. As these tree houses are located just off the Hatton-Colombo Highway, getting here is not a problem. Ginigathhena tree house is perfect for you if you want to enjoy a relaxing vacation. 

Cottages Built on Pine Trees

4. Kumbuk Tree House

Kumbuk tree house is situated on the banks of the Kirindioya River in Yala. Located on the south-east coast of Sri Lanka, Yala has been home to ancient civilisations like Magul Vihara and Sithulpahuwa. It is renowned as the entryway of the second largest and most visited national park in Sri Lanka, the Yala National Park. If you are looking for a perfect base to explore this national park, nothing beats Kumbuk tree house that is located only 15 minutes away. The host will arrange a safari jeep tour for you and your family if you are interested. 

Kumbuk Tree House, Situated on Banks of Kirindioya River in Yala

5. Dikwella Tree House

Staying at Dikwella tree house is recommended for all the beach lovers as the Dikwella sandy beach is located very close by. All the rooms at this place offer sea views, while a few offer a terrace or balcony. Dikwella is a small market town in Sri Lanka, and is home to the largest seated Buddha statue in the country. 

Dikwella Tree House

6. Tangalle Luxury Tree House

When you are travelling with your better half and are looking for a romantic place to stay in Sri Lanka, choose this tree house in Tangalle. Tangalle is one of the biggest towns in southern Sri Lanka, and is known for its old world charm and gorgeous sandy beaches. Architecture lovers should check out the Dutch architecture of the Court House and the Rest House here. If you are an avid bird-watcher, head to the Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary nearby to see some Indian Reef Heron and Sri Lankan Junglefowl. 

Romantic Luxury Tree House - Treehouses for Rent in Tangalle | Luxury tree  houses, Tangalle, Tree house
The Luxurious Tangalle Tree House

7. Wilpattu Tree House

This tree house is located right at the entrance of the largest national park in Sri Lanka, the Wilpattu National Park. Famous all around the world for its leopard population, this national park is also home to animals like spotted deer, sloth bear, water buffalo, and elephants. For wildlife enthusiasts, this tree house is like a dream come true! 

Wilpattu Tree House Located Near Wilpattu National Park

Make your vacation in Sri Lanka unforgettable by choosing to stay at one of these tree houses.  

Fact File

  • Location: Island country in the Indian Ocean, sharing its maritime borders with Maldives and India
  • How to Reach: Bandaranaike International Airport located 35km away from the capital city of Colombo
  • Official Language: Sinhalese and Tamil
  • Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR)
  • Time Zone: SLST (UTC+5.30)
  • Climate: Tropical climate
  • Food & Drink: Kiribath, egg hoppers, and sour fish curry are must-try Sri Lankan dishes