Something strange is afoot at the Lotus Palace.

A dinner guest is murdered after a boring state banquet…

A secret room full of scorpions is found…

Cloaked strangers are caught passing on information about hemlock purchases… Everymarble statue seems to hold a secret…

In Melucha, children’s alphabet books teach that H is for hemlock, so it is no particular surprise when someone is found murdered. But in a city where everyone has devious and twisted motives, and dire plans, it is not easy for Meenakshi and Kalban to find the murderer.

In this sequel to the acclaimed The Magicians of Madh, Aditi Krishnakumar pulls off another delightful romp, full of mystery, humour and hilarious predicaments.

As a child, Aditi Krishnakumar greatly enjoyed sports and once outswam a porpoise. She later had a chequered career that included working as a pet food taster. In her downtime, she enjoys long-distance running and partying with her friends on Friday nights. Just kidding. It’s all fiction, just like the rest of her book.

It’s a Penguin India publication.

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