Zoha Zuberi is a singer-songwriter by profession who started her musical journey in 2012. It took just one dynamic experience to make her fall in love with travel. She hasn’t stopped ever since!

Who is Zoha Zuberi: A very excited human being. I sing all the time. But I usually don’t take my guitar to treks. I write more while I’m travelLing.

What kickstarted your travel journey: I went to Kashmir the first time I ever travelled anywhere other than Murree, and although the overall experience was filled with some of the most strenuous tasks, treks and travelling I ever had to do, when I got back home I couldn’t think of one moment that I would’ve taken back. After that I started travelling to different places in Pakistan. I realised how travelling humbles you and it broadens your mind, and I fell in love with that.

Nagar Valley, Pakistan

What does travel mean to you: It means peace. For a time you’re away from the city life. The work, traffic, noise. And especially TV, phones and internet. It opens up your mind to the possibilities of itself and what it can do and think away from all the distractions – just you and nature.So travelling means getting to know myself more and just – peace.

Nagar Valley, Pakistan

The most adventurous thing you have ever done: I think it’s still that time I went to Hunza in 2015, my first time in Hunza. I wanted to go to the Passu Glacier but there was no track. So I went trekking with two of my friends towards the glacier, and that trek was so thin it could only fit one foot at a time. We kept going till a landslide happened. We all got scared, we thought we were going to die – kalma bhi parh liya tha. But it stopped, and then we started yelling for help. I climbed upwards to find another trek or someone from a vantage point and luckily we found a local. I didn’t get to go to Passu Glacier but all in all the most adventurous thing till now.

Passu, Gojal-Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

The best street food you have ever had: Yak ke tikkay

Kha Basi Cafe, Altit, Pakistan

3 most important things in your backpack: Jacket because I feel very cold all the time.
Earphones because I like music but also so I can tune people out – Haha.
Water & Toffees – always.

Fairy Meadows, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

Most spectacular view you have ever seen: Watching the sunset over the vastness of the Arabian Sea at Ormara and then watching it rise in Gwadar.

Ormara, Balochistan, Pakistan

Your toughest journey till now: Rush Lake for sure. It was fine on my way up to Rush peak but I hurt my knee muscle while coming down from the peak and after that the whole way down was painful, especially the Mayer Glacier. It was my first time on a white glacier, and I was wearing joggers which are extremely inappropriate for a glacier and then my muscle was pulled as well. So it was tough, yet I loved it all.

 Is Pakistan safe to visit: If I’m being honest, I haven’t ever gone through any problems while traveling in the North or South of Pakistan. I think it’s completely safe, just follow protocol. Listen to locals and army officers, they are there to help.

Cold Desert, Skardu, Pakistan

Advice to other women travellersI’d say until and unless we become fearless about doing the things that we love, we’ll always be told to feel afraid. So just get up and go, keep yourself safe and most of all strong. You only get one life so, make it count and live.

Instagram: @zuberizoha

Zoha Zuberi spoke to Nihit Anand of Travel Secrets Magazine