Surprise, surprise! It’s not pasta or pizza. The name is as exotic as the dish itself—Ragu Alla Bolognese. You may have heard of it as simply Bolognese. It originated in, well, Bologna, Italy.

Interestingly, Bolognese is not an actual dish. It’s a meat-based sauce, starring meat (pork, beef, or veal), onions, carrots, pancetta, and butter. Authentic Ragu Alla Bolognese prepared in Bologna is supposed to be served with tagliatelle, which is a pasta made of soft wheat flour and eggs. If tagliatelle is unavailable, certain types of pasta can be used as alternatives, including fettuccine, rigatoni, pappardelle, and penne.

You might want to enjoy it with spaghetti, but truth to tell, the traditionalists of Bologna wouldn’t approve of that combination.

Italian chefs are known for using Ragu Alla Bolognese together with béchamel in the preparation of the lasagna, which is traditionally baked in the local Bolognese style.

Tagliatelle Bolognese, National Dish Of Italy

Tagliatelle Bolognese

Source: World Atlas

Input: Mohammad Zaid